As a winegrower, you will receive gifts from nature every year. One draws from the earth, the roots, the region. You receive the fruits of your own work. One follows the feeling of the heart when accompanying the development of the wine.
In my winemaking I seek to understand nature. My aim is to find a healthy balance between giving and receiving – through manual shaping, careful care and sustainable agriculture. These basic ideas are also reflected on the labels of my wines.

It’s the simple things that I think are great. My own bread, vegetables from the garden and free-range chickens behind the winery. This helps me to feel part of the cycle of nature.
The totality of the small wonders that make up the sweetness and meaning of life flows into the creation of my wines. In this way the attentive and respectful treatment of nature is transferred to the sensual pleasure of tasting and enjoying.

The impulse for biodynamics comes directly from my heart. I know and feel that this is the right way for me. Like the vine, I too have matured over the years in knowledge and experience.
My thoughts become the work of my hands. The traditional knowledge of my ancestors merges with my zeitgeist and attitude to life. This is how the authentic, tangible soul of the wine is formed. „Handwork. Mindfulness. Finesse.“


Biodynamic rethinker. Manager of the winery.
As a winemaker, it is my personal goal to harmonize traditional winemaking with the biodynamic way of working and living. Simply to make good wine.
Of course, it was my father who first passed on all his knowledge to me when I joined the winery in 2005. As a co-founder of PANNOBILE he recommended three things to me. First: Go your own way. Second: Go it with like-minded people. Third: Always treat nature with care and respect.
Following his advice, I began to look for my own approach to agriculture – and found it in the biodynamic approach. My deeper understanding of this I learned from the pioneer of biodynamics himself, Andrew Lorand.
In 2007 I started to incorporate the new working methods in my vineyard and wine cellar. In view of the growing success, my father trustfully placed the winery in my hands in 2019.

… cultivates 19 hectares of vineyards in the Neusiedlersee wine growing area
… was already certified organic in 2006 and biodynamic in 2011
… has been a member of the biodynamic winegrowers‘ association respect-BIODYN since 2011
… is one of the co-founders of the PANNOBILE group


Strong personalities. Honest style. Highest quality.
PANNOBILE is a unifying alliance of nine visionary wineries from Gols. Each winemaker in our group follows his own personal path in the creation of his wines. As friends and colleagues, we follow common goals side by side.
As like-minded people we are honest in the exchange of our knowledge. By sharing our experiences, we learn from each other from trials and successes. In the mutual blind tasting of our wines, we are unsparingly honest with each other – and unanimous in our decisions.
What unites us is the common spirit. Our cooperation is characterized by striving for the highest quality, openness to change and a responsible approach to nature.
Social commitment is as important to us as passing on our values to future generations. But what makes our PANNOBILE wines so special is that they share a common attitude towards life: a love of fascinating wines.

THE 9 PANNOBILE WINERYS: Achs, Beck, Gsellmann, Heinrich, Nittnaus, Leitner, Preisinger, Pittnauer and Renner – www.pannobile.at


Meaningful names. Great wines.
The best sites of our winery have something in common despite all their differences: the direct proximity to Lake Neusiedl.
Here, under unique climatic conditions, exciting wines with a strong character ripen, inviting you to make a variety of discoveries.


Respectfully. Holistic. In harmony.
Nature is the most important factor and teacher in agriculture. To neglect it or take it for granted is a big mistake. However, leaving familiar paths and taking new directions requires a lot of courage, trust, willingness to make sacrifices and faith in oneself.
When I first became aware of the way of life and working of biodynamic farming, I was fascinated from the very first moment. Over the years, increased observation, experience and trial and error in the vineyard led me to a deeper understanding of the soil and the vine.
Every year poses different challenges to the vine and the winemaker. Wines from hot and dry years appeal early because of their accessibility. Cooler years in turn bring advantages in the pleasant play of acidity. In this way, lively and expressive wines are created, which encourage true enjoyment and varied tasting.
The experience gained in this eternal change helps me to remain adaptable in my winemaking. In this way the decision matured in me to leave each vintage unadulterated and honestly in its own style. This is the only way to create wines with an authentic personality, which can fully develop their charm, taste and character.