Andreas Gsellmann´s wines are produced by hand with a strong connection to their origin. His labels show the wine grower´s hands. Their gestures refer to the key elements of his work: one open hand, which gently carries the lettering “Gols” and seems to draw it from the soil, as well as one hand pointing out to this origin. This is how the wine grower emphasizes his major concerns: the awareness about the origin and the focus on limited vinification developed hand in hand with nature.


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We manage 21 hectares of vineyards in Gols and Weiden in BURGENLAND. Treatment: bio-dynamic

35% Blauer Zweigelt

27% Blaufränkisch

11% St. Laurent

1 % Merlot

74% Redwine

7% Weisburgunder

4% Neuburger

3% gemischter Satz

5% Chardonnay


3% Traminer

 26% Whitewine